Escaping Wedding Planning Madness

Restoring Your Wedding Sanity:

Planning your wedding can be extremely frantic and cumbersome. There are a lot of decisions, communication, coordination, and management to be made to reach your goals. Sometimes, however, you need to take a break from it all. Here is an overview of the top 6 stress-bursting activities that can help you get rid of those unwarranted hassles and reinstate your sanity.

Stress-Busting Activities away from home

  1. Leave for a wedding-free weekend
Spare a whole weekend to simply hang out with your spouse without mentioning any wedding jargon – no seating charts, hors d’oeuvres, first dance moves etc. This might sound impractical if you are behind the schedule, but it will help you relax your mind a great deal.
  1. Have a good time with friends
Go to dinner, have drinks, dance and stay out late with friends. You can also swim or book for massage and pedicures—whatever your buddies love to do for fun. Again, strive as much as possible to avoid wedding talk.
  1. Reward yourself with a fancy date
There is a big chance that over the past few weeks or months you’ve been extremely careful with your finances to stay within your wedding budget. Best advice you could take, is give yourself a break, you deserve it and in the bigger picture, one night out won’t hurt, so go ahead, why not reward yourself with a romantic dinner date and throw in a movie or concert?
  1. Take a {NAME} road trip
Spare a weekend afternoon and take a drive. Check out a few spots that you’ve been wanting to visit for a while. Relax while listening to some of your favourite music, have a long chat with your spouse, play road games, or test each other’s map reading skills. If you manage to get back home without panicking or bickering, rest assured that you can get through the future together, think of it as a dry run. Forget all about your Wedding Photography plans

Buffets and Open Bars – Money Saving tip

Any catered event will be quite costly. Although a three-course meal is pretty standard, sometimes budgets dictate otherwise. A viable (and fun) alternative is to provide your Wedding guests with an open buffet. Likewise, avoid an open bar if possible, for there is no doubt that a hefty bill awaits you at the end of the night. Offering free drinks only to a point will help you save money.

Don’t fancy leaving

  1. Binge watch

This is self-explanatory—there’s nothing quite comparable to a relaxing distraction, so why not go ahead and get your Netflix show or box-set of choice, your favourite snack, a comfy chair and just sit down, relax, and enjoy your favourite shows.

  1. Dinner date for two, at home.

If money is still a bit tight with the wedding coming up, why not try something closer to home. Something that you can both still get involved in and enjoy.  Plan a [NAME] date. Go out and do some shopping for your favourite foods then take your time to prepare and enjoy them together, don’t forget the obligatory glass (or 3) of wine. Don’t worry about being perfect, just focus on having a good time together, just the 2 of you.


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