Wedding Videography

Adding Videography to your wedding package allows you to see your wedding day from a completely different perspective. We capture all the best bits of your day, in most cases its stuff that you dont see yourself. Friends and families reactions, the raw emotion, both happy and sad. Your daddy’s face as he see’s you for the first time.

Wedding Videography Date Check

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, do you really need to add a wedding videographer to your wedding? Honest answer, no, you don’t, do not feel pressured into doing it, it’s your day, do it your way. That’s our motto.

Video ensures you capture memories that normally go missed and will allow you to relive your wedding in full 1080p HD. For a lot of couples, the wedding video is a way to relive memories of elderly relatives with personalised messages at the end of the video.

There are a couple of wedding video compilations at the bottom of this page as well as samples within the page to give you some ideas and help you decide if this is for you.

Think about the pros and then make a decision. Maybe take a look at some of our Wedding Video samples and see what appeals to your and your family. We have found over the years, adding wedding video to your day helps capture stuff that you miss as well as parts of your day that cannot be captured by your wedding photographer. The look on your daddy’s face as he sees you for the first time. Your children playing about, memories that can never be recovered, caught through your wedding videographer’s lens.

Above you can see a typical wedding video along with their review, that we produce, but like everything else, this is highly dependant on your wedding party.

All our Wedding Videograhy packages are supplied with the unedited footage of your ceremony & speeches. The edited final video is supplied on a DVD as well as an online copy for sharing (vimeo pro account, so its free of adverts). 

A full day wedding videography package (bridal preps through to first dances generally runs around 15-20 minutes, depending on you and your guests. We can only work with what we have (for example, if your speeches are 3 min long, we will have very little usable video from that. If your guests are up for a bit of fun, then we will have a lot more to work with to create your perfect wedding video.

Our wedding videography and photography pricing structure is just as simple and straightforward, with no hidden charges, the wedding package price you see is what you pay. (Fuel surcharge may apply depending on location). 

Helping keep kids entertained at your wedding.

From kids entertainment packages with bouncy castles to the famous Wedding Selfie Mirrors that are the statement entertainment of any wedding, we have hundreds of happy clients to assure you that your wedding is in safe hands. Packages are provided to suit all budgets and wedding tastes to make sure that your day is memorable without forcing you to spend more than you are comfortable with.