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Are you planning your wedding? Based in Newtownards & only 15 minutes from Belfast or Bangor. We cover the whole of Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland for wedding photography and videography. We believe in doing things simply and effectively, without compromising on quality.

We also operate a home photography studio from our base in Newtownards.

All our Wedding Photography Packages are supplied with images on a disk as well as an online digital gallery for sharing.

Our wedding videography and photography pricing structure is just as simple and straightforward, with no hidden charges, the wedding package price you see is what you pay. (Fuel surcharge may apply depending on location).

Low-cost Wedding photos from Shine Pics. Your local wedding photographer. 

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Photography and Videography

Through our sister site, 1 Stop Weddings, we are able to bring you a lot more than just wedding photography. Using our network of suppliers that we have had the pleasure of working with over hundreds of weddings, we are able to put together a package for your wedding allowing you the convenience of only having a single point of contact for all the services you choose and one easy monthly wedding payment plan.

We take away the hassle of you trawling through hundreds of directories and Facebook pages to find “the one” – by working with the best Wedding providers, we make your wedding that much less stressful by giving you one point of contact to make everything simple and easy for you.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography has always been our thing, over the years we have grown as a business and offer a few more services, but it always comes back to Wedding Photography - See our many reviews and testimonials and our galleries for a preview of what you can expect.

Engagement Photoshoots

Add a little magic to your wedding. An engagement photoshoot gives you the chance to not only meet your wedding photographer, but also have a taster session and capture some photo’s that are less scripted and a lot more natural, and of course we can answer any questions you may have.

Christening and Communions

We also do Communion and Christening Photography and Videography packages. Priced from only £80 for Photo’s and £150 for Video and Photos which includes one hour at your venue, with no travel charges for Belfast locations.
Longer packages are also available, so please get in touch with your requirements.

Kathy Fraser reviewed Shinepics Photography – Wedding and Portrait

I used Shine Pics for my wedding in the Culloden in March and couldn’t have had a better experience. Very relaxed and professional attitude and the photos we received were perfect. At such a good price we were delighted with this service and quick turn around of the pictures. We would definitely recommend Diana and wish to thank her again for the job well done!

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Your wedding photography is a very personal thing.  We are all individual and as such, we all have our own idea of what we like.  

Before settling on your photographer, make sure you look through all the galleries they have. This will give you a clear indication of the style and help you visualise your own wedding day through our lens. After your wedding day, the videos and photos are all that you have to help you keep that day memorable even for decades and for your future generations.

Unlike the role of other wedding vendors such as cake, music and flower arrangements, photographs are not things you can taste, smell or even hear. This implies that careful selection and research regarding artistic style, personal demeanor, and professional skills is crucial when choosing a wedding photographer and videographer.

So what steps should you take when you start this journey?

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1. Settle On Your Style

Before you start looking for a photographer and videographer, you will need to decide the photography style you want as it will help you decide the photographer you will want to shoot your wedding. What options do you have?

– Documentary: Rather than a series of posed photos, these are spontaneous or candid pictures of the people, décor and all the action as it unfolds. Normally the shots will include a lavish raw bar just before the guests start streaming in, your motley crew of friends shaking it off, or you and your maids laughing with champagne in hand. With this kind of style, you will rarely have people staring at the camera because the photos will capture the moment just as it unfolds and they tell the best story.
– Portraiture: If you have a greater preference for classic portraits, you can opt for a traditional photographer and videographer who has a specialty in portraiture. There are typically posed shots of your family, friends and even you in front of different backgrounds. This, however, does not imply that there is no room for some creativity. While some photography experts shall pose their subjects in some overly traditional spots or formal poses, others will take the portraiture style a notch higher with some creativity. For instance, a creative photographer will capture a couple holding hands on a dirt road and with rugged hills in the background.
– Fine Art: Although it is almost similar to the documentary style, this one gives the photographer or videographer a better artistic license to infuse their own style and view into your photos. While these shots will reflect the reality, it is actually the photographer’s reality. Normally, these photos will be gorgeous and dramatic, but look as if they have been shot on film with a dreamier, grainer or muted appearance. The subject is normally in focus while the background seems blurred.

2. Do Your Homework

Begin your research by going through reviews from newlyweds and browsing through numerous local listings. Carefully look at your potential photographers’ blogs and websites to inspect the photos or videos from other weddings they have shot, which will give a glimpse of their preferred style. Go further and look at their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages as well. Have their clients left them some positive feedback?

3. Schedule Interviews

Getting a photographer and videographer for your wedding isn’t a decision that you can just make by looking at their website, blog or social media pages, you need to meet them in person. If you’re pleased with what you find on their website and their fees are within your budget, inquire if they will be available for your wedding date. If they are already scheduled for another wedding, you can inquire whether they have an associate or can recommend a shooter for you. It is advisable to set up a meeting with three to five photographers so as to assess their work and settle on the best option. Rushing to hire a photographer can cause you to miss out on one who would have done the job even better. You must also be prepared to discuss your wedding style, venue and the vision of your photos.

4. Go Through Some Of Their Wedding Albums

It would be a terrible mistake to base your decision only on what you see in the photographer’s or videographer’s highlighted gallery or album. For a good reason, photographers will show their potential clients a portfolio of their best shots, all from the different weddings they have served so you are seeing the cream of photos. The only problem with this is that you will not get the best idea of their work. Request for three or four complete galleries for weddings they have shot so that you can envision how the complete photo collection shall be like after the wedding. If you realize that the album photos are as good as what is shown on the gallery highlights, then you are on the right track. Moreover, you can ask to see an album or two of weddings that will be in a setting that is similar to yours.

5. Review The Albums Carefully

When going through the photographer’s album, pay close attention to some key moments you would like captured: Was the photographer able to capture the groom and his bride staring at each other? Besides, look for thoughtful compositions, the crispness of the images and the lighting of the photos. Look out for washed-out pictures that have blurry details, unless it is the style you’re looking for. It is equally important that you detect sensitivity when capturing people’s emotions; ensure that all the subjects look relaxed and are not like a deer that was caught in the headlights.

6. Confirm The Shooters

A majority of wedding photography and videography companies normally have a lot of photographers and unless it is stipulated in your terms and conditions, the company’s lead photographer might not be the one who will shot your day. Since every photographer has a different personality, technique, and style, you will need to ensure that the photographer you interview and settle on shall be the one working at your wedding. Besides, do not forget to include specific terms in the working contract about anyone else who will cover for your photographer should anything happen on the actual day. Inquire if the photographer shall have any assistants and if yes, how many will they be?

Why Should You Hire The Same Company For your Wedding day Photography and Videography?

This is no foreign concept in the wedding industry. Wedding videographers and photographers can at times butt heads, with all professionals competing for the limited space and similar angles on your wedding day. To avoid such risks, it is advisable to go for a single combined package with one company for your wedding photography and videography needs.

1. The Shared Accountability and Incentives

This is pretty much obvious; a videographer will want the best possible videos from the wedding and photographer will want to capture the best possible images. By settling for the same company, you align your priorities and the photography and videography teams are incentivised to come up with the best possible product for your wedding. As a result, both teams shall be more willing to coordinate, communicate and even share time. Moreover, going with one company for both activities ensures that a single company is solely accountable for the end result, so the separate wedding teams will not have to blame each other for ruined shots, missed shots or even poor communication.

2. Better Positioning, Workflow, and Communication

Shared teams obviously have experience working together so they will definitely anticipate each other’s needs, style and positioning. The end result shall be fewer missed or ruined shots by one team obstructing the other’s angle. Just look at it this way: would you go for a music band that is performing together for the first time? Would you bet on a team that hardly plays together regularly? Obviously not. The synergies between video and photo teams that work together every time translate into a good end product.

3. A Common Shared Style and Vision

Going for a combined wedding videography and photography package will ensure that you receive consistent style and quality. Moreover, you will experience a shared vision among the photo team, video team and yourself. Therefore, if you happen to despise a particular pose, your entire team shall share the knowledge and vision. If you do not want cheesy or silly poses, your entire team shall be on the same page. If your desire is to have an editorial, dramatic or moody feel at your wedding, each team will work to ensure that the vision comes true.

4. Fewer Contracts and Less Hassle

Using a single company for your wedding photography and videography needs will definitely save you a lot of time in the booking process. You can simply set up one meeting for both parties, communicate with them at the same time and sign only one contract before the wedding date. Going for multiple companies will double the required administration regarding the photos and videos.

The wedding jargon shouldn’t bring confusion to your memorable day and with the insight above, you can easily determine what’s best for your wedding, the videography and photography company to hire and what steps you should take before doing so.

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